Design Concept

I/O Core is an optical micro-transceiver that integrates optical transmission and receiver functions onto a single chip. It is designed for short distance interconnections over multimode fibers.

It is, in essence, an optical building block that can be flexibly combined with optical components to form the basis of front-pluggable transceiver modules, midboard electro-optical module (EOM) and Co-Packaged Optical modules.

I/O Core can be developed at a lower cost than competing products, due to its unique and proprietary approach to miniaturization, integration and its multimode interface, which allows a reduction in component and mounting accuracy.

AIO Core is focused on computing applications where low power consumption and low latency are important. Therefore, in addition to 25 Gbps products, we are developing 32 Gbps and 50 Gbps NRZ optical I/O cores.

Positioning of Optical I/O Core

Design Concept

Multi mode & Passive termination
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Design Concept

Areas targeted by Optical I/O Core

Design Concept

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