Evaluation board

OPTICAL I/O CORE Evaluation Board
4-Channel Transmitter / Receiver Parallel Optical Modules

Features of Optical I/O Core
  • 4 channel transmitter and 4 channel receiver Integrated module
  • High Channel Capacity: 25Gbps x 4 Channels
  • High density: 5.0 mm X 5.0 mm size.
  • Low power consumption per Gbps: < 10 mW/Gbps for TX–RX pair
  • 1.3-um Laser array in transmitter; PD array in receiver
  • Operates up to 25.8 Gbps with 64b/66b compatible coded data (PRBS-31) (TBD)
Feature of Evaluation Board
  • Board for easy evaluation of the Optical I/O Core
  • 5.0V and 3.3V power supply
  • Controlled by quasi-I2C
  • Mini-SMP connector for high speed signal
  • USB Interface for control signal
  • User can select Internal LD driver and External LD driver
  • Size: w 145 x d 85 mm

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