Embedded Optical Module
4-Channel Transmitter / Receiver Parallel Optical Modules

Features of Optical I/O Core
  • 4 channel transmitter and 4 channel receiver Integrated module
  • High Channel Capacity: 25Gbps x 4 Channels
  • High density: 12.0 mm X 13.0 mm size.
  • Low power consumption per Gbps: < 10 mW/Gbps for TX–RX pair
  • 1.3-um Laser array in transmitter; PD array in receiver
  • Links up to 300 m at 25.8 Gbps with 1.3-um optimized MMF (TBD)
Feature of Embedded Optical Module
  • Electrical interface: Socket Connection
  • Optical Interface: 12 core MT-connecter via 12 core Multi Mode Fiber
  • Three power supplies, 1.0 V, 1.1 V and 3.3 V
  • Controlled by quasi-I2C
    • Individual channel functions: disable / enable
    • Programmable receiver output swing
    • Cross point and MZ operating point should be controlled via I2C
  • Temperature monitor
  • User can select Internal LD driver and External LD driver
  • 0 C to 65 C case temperature operating range (TBD)
EOM chip view (Front side and Back side)
Transmitter Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Units Ref.
Output Optical Power : Average 0 3.0 dBm (TBD)
Output Optical Power : Disabled -15 dBm (TBD)
Extinction Ratio 3 dB (TBD)
Output OMA : Squelched -3 dBm (TBD)
Center Wavelength 1310 nm depending on temp.
Eye Opening in Data Input Voltage(differential) 200 1200 mV (diff)
Differntial Input Impedance 100 ohm
Differntial Input Return Loss,10M - 2.8GHz Sdd11 18 dB @2.8GHz(Slim)
Differntial Return Loss,2.8GHz - 12.5GHz Sdd11 9.5 dB @12.5GHz(Slim)
Receiver Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Units Ref.
Input Optical Power Sensitivity -7.0 dBm (TBD)
Data Output Differential Peak-to-Peak Voltage Swing 670 mVpp (Eye Height)
Data Output Common Mode Voltage 760 mV
Data Output Off State Differntial mVpp
Data Output Off Common Mode V
Output Rise/Fall time(20-80%) 16/14 ps
Receiver BW 13 GHz
Differntial Output Impedance 100 ohm
Differntial Output Return Loss,10M - 2.8GHz Sdd22 16 dB
Differntial Output Return Loss,2.8GHz - 12.5GHz Sdd22 13.5 dB

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