Management Team

Tomoyuki Fujita

Tomoyuki Fujita,President & CEO

He had been a VLSI CAD researcher at NEC Central Research Labs. He had been a visiting researcher at EECS, Univ. of California at Berkeley in 1983 to 1984. He mainly developed in-house CAD systems in NEC for Supercomputer, Mainframes, Network systems and Gate Array ASICs.
He also served as a head of R&D plannning office of NEC in 1999, established NEC China Labs in Beijing in 2003.
"He had been a Executive Managing Director at PETRA from 2009.
From 2017 he is President & CEO of AIO CORE Co., Ltd."

Kazuhiko Kurata

Kazuhiko Kurata,CTO

He mainly engaged in research and development of optical modules for optical communications and optical interconnects at NEC transmission business group.
He developed and commercialized ultra-compact optical modules "PETIT" based on VCSELs in 2008.
He joined PETRA in 2012, as sub-Project leader and developed "Optical I/O core" based on Silicon Photonics.

Hidetaka Fukuda

Hidetaka Fukuda,CSO

He served as a officer at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry for more than 20 years. He was a Director of Information and Communications Equipment Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau at MITI in 2003-2005. He retired from the office in August 2006.
After retirement, he is President and CEO of e-Conselvo Co., Ltd. He also served as a consultant for many Japanese semiconductor companies and machine manufacturers.
He served as a Special Advisor (Value Creation) at Silver Lake Partners of U.S.A.

Satoshi Mizusawa

Satoshi Mizusawa,Director

He work for RYOSAN Co. Ltd. more than 25 years. He has been Mainly engaged in semiconductor Field Application Engineer ( FAE ).
He was a General Manager, Systems Solutions Division in 2014
From 2016, he is an Executive Officer,Head of Corporate Solutions Division (present post)

Tomohito Takano

Tomohito Takano,Director

"He work for Daiichi Seiko Company more than 25 years.
He had been engaged in automatic machine design and development, research and development of connectors for consumer use, and"
He was a General Manager, Development Engineering Department I.
From January 2019, he is a Deputy General Manager, Electronic Components Division at Daiichi Seiko Co., Ltd. (present post)

Masato Marumo

Masato Marumo,Corporate Auditor

"Joined the Industrial Bank of Japan and worked for 10 years.
In 1996, he studied at Harvard Business School, received MBA."
"After retirement, he worked for Carley Japan LLC, Lazrd Frehe Co. Ltd.
Also he joined Silver Lake Asia LLC (Japan national team)."
"He is a President & CEO of 0rigin Wireless Japan Co., Ltd. (present post)
He is a Director of MetCom Co., Ltd. (present post)"

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